Interim Management in IT-Scenarios

Practical working examples

Continuity in IT organizations

Provision of continuity in IT with temporary cover of vacancies – that is extremely important in the event of the unexpected absence of your first and second level IT managers. Our Interim Managers have the expertise to stabilize your IT organization, ensure the continuation of your key projects and prepare the ground for subsequent permanent appointments.


In doing so, we optimize your IT operations – to meet your requirements and do whatever is needed for a seamless handover to your future IT managers. Ideally we will find a successor within your company. 

Key projects need to continue after the departure of our IT Manager. Is there a potential successor internally?

Balanced IT sourcing

Our new sourcing strategy: performance up, costs down. We effectively manage IT service providers – by internally shoring up IT coupled with process knowledge and expertise.

Many of our IT Interim Managers have excellent knowledge and expertise in IT sourcing. What functions do you need within your internal IT organization; what can be outsourced to external providers and – if so – to whom?


Answering these questions, within the context of your business, is extremely important for the performance of your IT systems. Our IT sourcing experts will analyze your situation and help you to determine the correct sourcing mix. In the event of outsourcing, we will then analyze your current contracts, organize invitations to tender for all or selected IT services and ensure the successful implementation of Transition & Transformation – in both directions: outsourcing or insourcing.

Sparring partners for IT Managers

Your IT Managers face major challenges. They need to ensure IT operations, guarantee the success of important projects, make your IT scalable, position it to be more flexible, effective and efficient, guarantee IT security, and, last but not least, enable digital transformation within your company. 

In most cases they can always use support from experienced IT Managers and CIOs. Our IT Interim Managers have the relevant operational experience and are capable of flexibly expanding the capacity of your IT Managers. They act as creative sparring partners for your ideas and also provide quality assurance through the critical questioning of your implementation strategies.

I am able to reflect on my ideas with an experienced ex-colleague using InterimIT's CIO Advisory Services. He flexibly extends my capacity as a CIO. Finally the space for strategic work!

Business value-based IT

Our IT department increasingly needs to contribute more, and in a measurable manner, to the success of the company. As an IT Manager I need support for reorganization.

A good IT department knows its contribution to the success of the company and the company appreciates the valuable contribution made by its IT systems. The continuous evolution of the maturity of all IT systems is a further critical factor for its success. The maturity of your IT systems is decisive when it comes to the necessity and scope of responsibility of your internal IT department.


Working in close collaboration with our partner company ValorIT GmbH, our IT Interim Managers will assist in precisely identifying this added value and systematically developing it. To do this, we use the IT management method “IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF)” to permanently increase the performance of your IT. 

Risk minimization in M&A transactions

The purchase or sale of parts of a company places high demands on the IT systems of the companies involved. With M&A transactions, the seamless integration of the IT systems of the acquired company is a critical factor for success of the merger. On the other hand, a carve-out presents the selling company with major challenges when disentangling the sold part of the company from the existing IT structure. 

Our IT Interim Managers with experience in M&A transactions will help you to correctly analyze the risk situation and the M&A costs for IT, minimizing the risk for all parties involved. We will carry out IT Due Diligence and ensure the success of the IT side of your M&A project. 

The last time we acquired a company, InterimIT helped to transparently highlight the IT and process control opportunities and risks during Due Diligence.

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