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INTERIMIT – Business segments

Our experienced IT Interim Managers operate on your behalf in all business segments. We have developed process models for certain scenarios to make their employment particularly efficient for you. This also enables us to keep our costs down, providing a seamless transition from Interim Management to IT Management Consulting. 


    We combine the services that can help you in your "Interim Management" segment 


    • to temporarily cover vacancies,
    • cover unplanned capacity requirements,
    • ensure continuity in your IT environment.


     We work on your behalf as a temporary IT Interim Manager in the following roles


    • CIO / CDO / CTO 
    • Head of Business Processes  
    • Head of IT 
    • Head of IT-Infrastructure 
    • Head of IT-Operations 
    • Head of IT-Applications


    As project managers we also guarantee the success of your strategic projects critical for the business of your company.


    We can also support you with appropriate expertise should you require

    • IT-Buyers 
    • IT-Controllers


    Additional information:

    Why IT-Interim-Management?

    We focus on typical IT management issues and support you on issues of strategic IT management in the "Management Consulting" business segment. In doing so, we take care of:

    • IT-Strategy und IT-Governance
    • (Out-)Sourcing of IT-Services
    • Realignment of your IT structures
    • Business process management and optimization
    • Project and program management
    • Management and corporate culture development with a focus on IT departments
    • Coaching of your IT managers
    • CIO Advisory - Sparring partners for your IT managers.

    In the "IT Analysis and Auditing" business segment, we analyze very closely your IT structures and offer recommendations about potential improvements. We analyze all relevant areas of your IT organization, particularly Human Resources, Internal Organization and Management, Contract Management, Applications and Technology.


    Typical examples of our services in this business segment include:


    • Analysis and identification of the maturity of the IT department 
    • Implementation of IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) assessments 
    • Assessment and recommendations for the realignment of IT organizations
    • in M & A projects: IT Due Diligence
    • Evaluation of the future-proofness of your application landscape

Our network of managers

Our network consists of freelance IT Interim Managers: 

  • CIOs
  • Departmental and Divisional IT Managers below CIO level 
  • Project and Program Managers. 


Professional and management experience are extremely important to us. Our IT Interim Managers generally have the following qualities: 

  • over 15 years of professional experience 
  • over 5 years as CIO or Head of IT 
  • over 10 years as IT Department Manager or IT Team Leader 
  • Management responsibility for 10 to over 200 members of staff. 


They bring a wealth of experience from industry, retail and services with specialist expertise in the following fields 

  • IT strategy 
  • Processes and process management 
  • IT organization 
  • IT operation and data center operation 
  • IT applications and app development 
  • E-commerce

Project management. 

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